A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

    You escape your planet just before it is destroyed by an evil force known as the Accin. You set out to fight back in order to avenge the rest of humanity. Shoot and maneuver your way through crowds of aliens, all in the name of revenge.

    This game has been through development hell for a couple years, and this demo is the most stable version. Much like the planet featured in this game, this project is dead, so I decided to upload this version to share with the world the remnants of Etiam.


themousery - Programming 

TheGoatIsBetter - Art 

Kevin MacLeod - Music

Programmed with LÖVE2D and Lua

Art created with Aseprite and Clip Studio Paint


Etiam (Windows) 16 MB
Etiam (Mac) 18 MB
Etiam.love 13 MB


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Cute game :)

Here what happens when I kill the boss if using rapidfire via Xpadder at maximum speed. Maybe it can be solved by reducing the shoot ratio (rise the time gap of the next bullet):Note: I rebuildt "Etiam.love" to a 32bit Exe.

Dang - I’ll have to figure that out. At least you were able to get through the whole thing before the error, haha