A downloadable failure for Windows and macOS

please don't play this game

Welcome to A Chill Hell, where we have a relaxed Devil, and a random object that you click.

We have lots of unique features, such as:

  • clicking a thing
  • upgrading things

Check out some of the great reviews we got!

"It's got potential honey! It just needs some more work" 2/5 - my mom

Made for Wizard Jam 5.

if you want, play this other game, it's way better than this

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file, and run the executable


Windows 12 MB
Mac 14 MB

Development log


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On a Mac, if I try to run the unzipped .app I get "You can’t open the application “a-chill-hell” because it may be damaged or incomplete." However, I can run it from the command line with:  ./a-chill-hell.app/Contents/MacOS/love

This gives me the warning output here (in case that helps fix it), but the game runs.

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Alright, I actually fixed it with a mac this time, and this should work (it worked on the mac I was using.) Thanks for the tip!