v0.2.4 changelog


- completely revamped the Alminus boss fight, here's how it goes
  - he spawns a bunch of UFOs for 120 frames, and they circle him, and two spawn from the sides that shoot down
  - he shoots big lasers down for two laps across the screen
  - he fires a big continuous laser down for one lap across the screen
  - repeat
- added new sprite for the character on Leviathon
- changed all the dialogue
- made more menus controllable with the keyboard (not all of them yet, I'm rewriting the code for menus)
- made powerups spawn in the boss fight, but not the big laser powerup, that crashes the game
- changed the sprite for the bugs, they're bigger now, and easier to hit.

Also, apparently v0.2.3 never properly uploaded... It was just v0.2.2 again for some reason, and I didn't notice until just now. That's frustrating. I've mostly been rewriting a lot of awful and inefficient code, and that's why there hasn't been an update for a bit. This demo isn't quite done yet, and I still have to polish a few things. Thanks for playing!


v0.2.4 (Windows 64-bit) 15 MB
66 days ago
v0.2.4 (Windows 32-bit) 15 MB
66 days ago
v0.2.4 (Mac) 17 MB
66 days ago

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